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In Trickerion, players are rival stage illusionists facing off in a grand competition for fame and fortune hosted by Dahlgaard the Magnificent, the patron of Magoria. They will assemble a team of apprentices and specialists, learn intricate magic tricks, acquire necessary trick components, and schedule their tricks in the Theater to create breathtaking performances at the end of each week, represented by one game round. The competition ends after seven weeks, and only the most famous magician can win Dahlgaard’s heritage: the mysterious and powerful Trickerion Stone.


Player number:


Playing time:

60-120 min



Trickerion is a medium-heavy, Euro-style strategy game. Its core mechanism is worker placement with simultaneous action selection and an action point allocation system.

The World

Trickerion is set in the bustling, Victorian-era city of Magoria - a place of illusion, steampunk, and the supernatural, where magicians from all over the world come to prove magic is real every week.

Discover the history of Magoria, the Capital of Illusion, and its patron, Dahlgaard the Magnificent. Meet the eight aspiring Magicians; find out more about their origins, specializations, and aspirations; learn about the magician contest of the century; and discover the legend of the mysterious Trickerion Stone!