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Magician Powers

The Magician Powers module allows a deeper customization of the magicians by adding 90 unique Power cards to the game. Each player starts with a hand of eight Power cards, and they may play one of them during each round but only if their respective slots are unlocked with Trickerion Shards. Just like tricks, Power cards also have a Fame threshold that you have to reach to play them. We recommend this module to experienced players who would like to add more asymmetry and new strategic angles to their game.

The Magician Powers module is included in the Dahlgaard’s Gifts expansion.

Duel of the Magicians

Duel of the Magicians is a module designed specifically to make the two-player Trickerion games more dynamic, tense, and exciting. It introduces two new game elements: special performance cards with pre-printed neutral tricks that make linking easier, and turn setup cards that change the pattern of unavailable worker spaces at each location round-by-round. Duel of the Magicians is compatible with all Trickerion expansions, and we highly recommend trying it for your two-player games.

The Duel of the Magicians module is included in the Dahlgaard’s Gifts expansion.


The Contraptions module allows magicians to modernize their workshop by building up to four Contraptions in it. Contraptions are unique to each workshop type (mechanical, optical, escape, and spiritual), and provide increasingly powerful benefits. Contraptions can only be used once per round, but they are automatically reactivated at the beginning of a new round if the player has enough Trickerion Shards to power them.

The Contraptions module is included in the Dawn of Technology expansion.

Signature tricks

Signature tricks are more powerful variants of certain standard tricks in the base game. Each magician (including the four new ones introduced in Dahlgaard’s Academy) has one specific Signature trick from their favorite trick category, which they can choose to learn instead of its standard version. While Signature tricks are always better than their standard counterparts, preparing and perfecting them requires a modern workshop equipped with Contraptions.

The Signature tricks module is included in the Dawn of Technology expansion.


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