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Renovate the Academy

The Academy is a new main location, with its own separate board extension. The initially dilapidated building can be renovated for Fame by adding Practice Rooms and Classrooms. Practice Rooms permanently upgrade your tricks with various bonuses, while Classrooms allow you to share the secrets of a trick with eager students. That trick can no longer be performed, but it grants you a steady income of Fame, coins, and Trickerion Shards at the end of each round.

Tutor your Protégé

The Protégé is a new, customizable Specialist introduced in Dahlgaard’s Academy. Protégés start out with a single action point, but as they learn Dahlgaard’s forgotten secrets at the Academy, they will gradually gain more action points, as well as interesting and unique abilities. No two Protégés will be the same, and clever combinations of secrets allow you to explore whole new strategies.

Meet new Magicians

The expansion introduces four new Magicians, one for each trick category. Just like the original eight, each of these magicians has an exciting ability and an elaborate backstory.

Face Dahlgaard’s Heir in a new solo mode

Dahlgaard’s Academy also introduces a solo mode with variable difficulty levels, where you can test your mettle against an intricate automa opponent, Dahlgaard’s Heir, corrupted by the immense power of the Trickerion Stone.