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After seven weeks of magic and wonder, the grandiose contest for Dahlgaard’s heritage came to its conclusion. As a closure of the contest and the ceremonious initiation of his new Heir, Dahlgaard announced something truly spectacular: one last night of magic when he himself will be performing. 

It was a night every spectator will remember for decades. During his years of absence, Dahlgaard perfected new, jaw-dropping illusions unlike anything seen before, and left his audience awestruck.

As the momentous night was nearing its end, standing in the bright column of theater lights, Dahlgaard asked his Heir to assist him in his final act. As soon as he stepped up the stage, a piercing white light exploded from Dahlgaard’s hand, staggering even the Heir. Strains of the master’s hair turned silver by the second, his apt hands began to shake, his frame became frail, his melodious voice rasp. Then the Heir opened his palm and there it was: the Trickerion Stone.

“You are its owner now, and with it, I entrust to you our legacy of wonder. Let it be heard in all Magoria: I, Dahlgaard the Magnificent, leave the Trickerion Stone to my Heir and my old manor to the magician community. Let it become an Academy, a place where masters of our craft can gather and teach the future generations. Let my legacy stand eternal and let illusion and marvel never vanish from memory.

Speaking of vanishing, please allow me to conclude my trick.”

With that, the legend gave a grateful smile to his Heir, bowed to the audience and his form began to turn to dust, like a figure formed of dry clay. Sudden darkness engulfed the theater, and for a brief moment, time froze in place. When the lights came back, Dahlgaard the Magnificent was gone, leaving only a faint trace of dust behind.

To this day, people still claim to have seen the great Dahlgaard in a dark alley, around the Anvil Pig Inn or in the theaters - like they should be. For as long as one coin is deftly plucked from thin air, one card masterfully picked, no one should forget the legend who brought along the Golden Age of Magic.


As Magoria slowly moved on, word of the Academy initiative spread quickly. Soon, eager students flocked the peculiar building, celebrated illusionists volunteered as teachers and the renovation works started. To everyone’s amazement, the ancient manor held many hidden rooms and signs only visible to a magician’s eye: once uncovered, these could lead a lucky few to some of Dahlgaard’s most prized secrets.

The Heir proclaimed that the Academy should be renovated as a common effort of the Magician community, but whoever contributes the most shall become the Patron of Magoria. As time went by, it became obvious that the Academy will need a senior leader. Dahlgaard’s Heir knew there was only one way to settle this question to the satisfaction of both magicians and laymen: a contest of skill and show. Thus, the city’s senior magicians compete once again, and whoever emerges victorious shall become Rector Magnificus of the wonderful and enigmatic Academy.