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Being the youngest daughter of rich Indian nobles, Anjali accompanied her parents to one of their many journeys to the West, but alas, she got lost in the swirling mass of people during a visit to a busy market. Since she was too small to remember where they lived and couldn't speak the local language, she never found her family again. Over the years, she forgot her lineage and life as a noble girl and became part of a gang of pickpockets and thieves. 

She had unmatched dexterity and sleight of hand, but while others were out to get jewels and money, she learned that stealing others' secrets often had much more value. One day, a stage magician piqued her interest during a performance and she decided to join him. Studying his tricks one by one, she slowly realized that a lifestyle of glamour and limelight was much more suitable for her - maybe a remnant of her childhood self - and that learning the secrets of magicians is just as valuable, if not more so, than those of ordinary people. Eventually, she left the lowly magician behind and started to build her own show based on her mysterious heritage. 

Anjali is the Keeper of Arcane Wisdom. Her knowledge, gained sometimes overnight during her lone meditation, cannot be of this world. However, it is possible that the occasional night-time visits to Dahlgaard’s library are the source of her mysterious wisdom...



Geert van Augustin is the son of Ioachim van Augustin, one of the richest people in the world. Though he shares the family wealth with twelve siblings, Geert’s financial background is still nearly limitless. To the surprise of many, the van Augustin clan fully supports Geert’s affection for magic as long as it keeps him away from the family business, for Geert’s savvy for making money is quite diminutive compared to his ability to spend it. 

Geert has always been fascinated by the life of Dahlgaard the Magnificent, having been born in the same country as the legendary illusionist. He is practically a walking lexicon of trivia about Dahlgaard’s life; he visited every place the great magician did, collects his relics, financed a book written about his life, and is the president of the Dahlgaard’s Legacy Association, a group dedicated to revering the Master’s memory. Unsurprisingly, he followed in the footsteps of his hero, too, when he moved to Magoria to become a stage magician. Soon after his debut, however, Geert learned that the great legend passed away. Inconsolable in his grief, he plunged himself into supporting the renovation of Dahlgaard’s Academy, a place where the legacy of this legend would live on forever. 

Geert's shows employ breathtaking stage effects, bedazzling pyrotechnics, a plethora of assistants, and so on. He often distributes free gifts at the end of his performances and holds fancy parties, making him quite beloved among the audience.



Ordinary folks know Lumenia as the ethereal Goddess of Light, the Child of Brilliance, and not entirely from this world. This hearsay is only reinforced by the fact that no one has ever seen her outside of the stage - she always disappears at the end of her show in a radiant column of light. The Magorian Soothsayer - one of the least reliable papers in Magoria - published an article in which an anonymous young man, claiming to be a former suitor, shared some revolting secrets about Lumenia.

According to this source, the Lady of Light is Lucille Hammond, the young daughter of an honorable nobleman, who allegedly run away years ago with some circus performers. After leaving the empty life of aristocrats behind, she became fascinated with the radiant world of illusions. The young lady was bewitched by the tales of fairies and fantasy since early childhood, so it is no wonder that she drew inspiration from these creatures to create her own stage persona. Her breathtaking shows of brightness and brilliance became her trademark, dazzling the spectators with a seemingly endless symphony of flashes and rays. Thus, the Lady of Light achieved great fame in all of Magoria and beyond.

Lumenia’s performances usually have a theme, telling the story of a fairy tale or some other fantastic adventure. She is extremely apt in chaining her show elements together in the most glamorous ways, keeping her audience in constant thrill and amazement. People love to return to her performances to be spirited away into an arcadian tale of her weaving.



As the new Golden Age of Magic dawned, Bernard Drudson, a well-known artisan of locks in Magoria, received more and more peculiar requests from the city’s performers. Being a man who is always up for a challenge, these tasks delighted him endlessly. One day, he had a dispute with an upstart magician who claimed that Bernard’s shackles were flawed and that he almost drowned because of the mediocre craftsmanship. Bernard argued that the tool was working perfectly - it was rather the upstart escape artist’s skill that is mediocre.

The magician was outraged and challenged Bernard to a duel, which he accepted under the condition that it shall be a duel of magicians. With both of them using the same generic shackles underwater, the first to emerge to the surface wins, and the loser is due to give a public apology and must forfeit his trade forever. The haughty magician accepted. The next day, when a huge crowd gathered to watch the duel, Bernard showed his unmatched understanding of locks, freeing himself in mere seconds. The audience was awe-struck, and the priggish magician left Magoria ashamed, never to return. It wasn’t long until Bernard was invited to perform on stage, and his show was met with thunderous success.

From then on, young magicians flocked his workshop, begging him to teach them his ways with locks, and Bernard, being a teacher at heart, agreed. Decades have passed since then, and Professor Bernard - as he is known now in the magicians' world - became incredibly versed in dozens of tricks and is, to this day, the world record holder of the fastest Water Tank Escape ever performed.