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Dahlgaard’s Academy


In Dahlgaard’s Academy, Trickerion’s first big box expansion, players compete to honor the great Dahlgaard’s last will by renovating the Magorian Academy of Magic, where players can perfect their Tricks or teach them to a new generation of illusionists. The Academy also hides many secrets waiting to be discovered by the new Specialist, the ambitious Protégé. The winner of this new competition becomes Rector Magnificus of the Academy and thus the Patron of Magoria, bringing about a new Golden Age of Illusion for the city.


Player number:


Playing time:

90-180 min



Dahlgaard’s Academy introduces a new, customizable location; a new, customizable Specialist; four new Magicians; a solo mode with variable difficulty; and more!

The World

After the seven weeks of magic and wonder played in Trickerion - Legends of Illusion, the grandiose contest for Dahlgaard’s heritage came to its conclusion, and the winner was rewarded the mysterious Trickerion Stone. Now, in Trickerion - Dahlgaard's Academy, Magoria is under the guidance of Dahlgaard's Heir and is about to witness the renovation of Dahlgaard's Academy with a brand new contest to decide who is worthy enough to become Rector Magnificus of the Academy and therefore the Patron of Magoria.