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Chronicle Mode


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Playing time:

350 min



The standalone Episodes of Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles can be combined into a non-legacy 4-game campaign: the Chronicle mode.

In this game mode, you can earn thematic and powerful Chronicle cards through competing for various Achievements over the course of each game. Chronicle cards grant unique permanent or single-use benefits to further customize your play style, and their effects carry over to the next game, potentially affecting its entire setup.

The combination of the variable Achievements and Chronicle cards tells a different story in each  Chronicle mode playthrough, with overarching effects of your decisions, and no hidden rules for infinite replayability.

The story unfolds through game mechanics that evolve from game to game rather than direct narrative elements.

This evolution is supported by artwork that also changes between the Episodes: your characters will age and the look of the city of Perseverance and its inhabitants will change.

The Chronicle mode for Episodes 1 & 2 is a complete experience on its own, and the system is designed to accommodate further Episodes as well.

Overarching mechanisms


Compete for Achievements that match your playstyle (such as Hunter, Builder or Mentor) to earn powerful Chronicle cards and Glory.


Customize your strategy further with Chronicle cards, each offering powerful permanent or one-shot effects that can even carry over to the next game.


The result of each game in the campaign will affect the starting setup of the next.


Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles Episodes 1-2
Chronicle Mode - Rulebook