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Cerebria - The Inside World is a wondrous and quirky world where players embody the Spirits of Bliss or Gloom, the two opposing sides of human nature. Competing to shape Cerebria's Identity, Spirits spread their influence on the main board by invoking Emotion cards with various intensities and abilities; placing Fortresses to strengthen their presence in the Realms; unlocking upgrades to their Actions; absorbing Willpower from the ever-rotating Origin; and attempting to trigger Revelations at just the right time to score the completed objectives.


Player number:


Playing time:

60-120 min



Cerebria: The Inside World is a 1-4 player, team-based, objective-driven area control game with resource management, deck-building, and a wide range of variable player powers.

The World

Cerebria is a vibrant fantasy land populated by one-of-a-kind Spirits representing the Bliss and Gloom sides of human nature. Choose Bliss and embody Love, Harmony, Empathy, or Delight to bring brightness and joy to Cerebria; choose Gloom and embody Malice, Hatred, Misery, or Anxiety to cast a shadow over the Realms. Rally your Emotions and bring them to life to help you achieve your goals. The ultimate result of the Spirits' efforts will manifest into Cerebria's Identity, the tower built in the center of the Inside World.