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Balance Spirits

Reason, The Leverer

Organized and watchful, Reason is a Spirit of restraint, order, and heedfulness.

With the help of Discipline, its favorite Emotion, it can even out wild and unpredictable conflicts between Bliss and Gloom, bringing equilibrium wherever it goes.

Reason is also a Spirit encouraging contemplation and self-discovery; with the help of Curiosity, it will never lose sight of its goals.

No Spirit knows Cerebria better than Reason, which always feels at home in every Realm, no matter who it belongs to.

Intuition, the Unfettered

Intuition represents unrestrained joy and erratic, unpredictable behavior.

Being a Spirit of creativity and unexpected solutions, it is able to shape the Essence of Cerebria at will, aiding or turning on Bliss or Gloom on a whim.

It can bring Impulse to the Inside World to let the Essence flow untethered, or Urge to hasten the development of the Identity.