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Cerebria Card Game


In Cerebria – The Card Game, players strive to build Emotion combinations in their Mindset, as well as interact with other players’ Emotions and Mindsets by activating Emotion Abilities. Players can trigger a scoring phase, called a Revelation, by emptying an Impulse stack. Scoring a combination of Emotions during a Revelation will reward Bliss and Gloom Identity fragments, which are collected in order to win the game. It is a great way to introduce new players to the world of Cerebria, as it complements the main game's theme and presents some of its gameplay experience in a simpler form.


Player number:


Playing time:

15-30 min



Cerebria – The Card Game is a fast-playing, stand-alone set collection game for 2-5 players in the world of Cerebria, with various card effects for lots of player interaction.

The World

Emotions are born as a reaction to the impulses of the outside world. The same impulse may have a different impact on each individual, but it is only up to them (and maybe sometimes their opponents) which Emotions will dominate their Mindset.

Will you be a sullen, moody person, or a cheerful, carefree one? Maybe a healthy combination of both? Build your Mindset as you like, mess with other players' Emotions and win the game with the most advanced Identity!