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Instead of placing a new Exosuit on their turn, players may spend Flux Cores, the new resource, to move their Exosuits from one Action space to another on the main board. This allows players to take more Actions but also to frees up occupied Action spaces for their opponents.

Fracture Device

Players spend the Flux Cores on their Fracture Device board. Spending too many of them, however, will fill up the Device, which increases the chances of causing temporal glitches, hindering players in various ways.

Amethynia Valley

Fractures of Time introduces a new location, where players can collect Flux Cores and recruit Operators. Operators are a new type of worker specializing in handling and upgrading the Fracture Device and removing temporal glitches.

Reworked solo mode

The Chronobot returns in Anachrony: Fractures of Time with a sleeker and less random progression of the well received solo variant of the original base game. 

The print-and-play version of the original Chronobot (previously included in the Base Box) can be downloaded from here:

Chronossus, the new evolution of Anachrony's solo mode, is an enemy from an alternate universe capable of challenging you at the base game and almost every expansion module. It has variable difficulty levels, collects and uses Exosuits, and passes like a human player would. To defeat Chronossus, you will need to work toward the new solo Endgame Conditions, perfect your strategy, and watch out for its every move.