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Fractures of Time


Fractures of Time is the big-box expansion to Anachrony, introducing a new playable faction, the Path of Unity; a new location with new Action spaces; a new type of worker, the Operator; and a brand-new, gameplay-altering feature: the Blinking mechanism. Fractures of Time also includes two solo modes, an improved version of the Chronobot for the base game, and the Chronossus, which is compatible with almost every expansion and module.


Player number:


Playing time:

90-150 min



Thanks to the novel Blinking mechanism, Fractures of Time adds a new, tactical layer to the classic strategic gameplay.

The World

Discover an alternate storyline to the world of Anachrony! Witness the rising of the sanguine Path of Unity and their Leaders coming from the far future; visit the Amethynia Valley, the isolated place that survived the cataclysm, and meet its inhabitants, the Operators; learn the secrets and hazards of the Fracture technology and the mysterious substance called Flux; meet new Leaders from parallel timelines; and face the monstrous Chronossus, emerging from beyond time!