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Matriarch Zaida

Even though she was raised in a loving family, Zaida still left when she found out she was an adopted child and sought to find her real parents. She never found a trace of them, but she learned something more important along the way: it’s not where we are coming from, but where we are going that counts.

From then on, she worked hard to become a candidate for the next election ceremony, and though she was eventually elected the female leader of the Path of Harmony, it was hard for her to get along with the new Patriarch.

She was ambitious and confident and had a natural charisma, while Haulani was more of a dreamer and an adventurer. Zaida decided to take leadership into her own hands but slowly realized there was no need to fight — Haulani was happy with her being in charge of Wellspring’s politics. Finally letting go of her competitive attitude, with time she became a wise and fair leader of her people by Haulani’s side.

Patriarch Haulani

Patriarch Haulani is the youngest Leader in the Path’s history. But, as wisdom and life experience are among the most important virtues of the Path’s society, it was a long way for him to earn the respect of his people and his partner, Zaida.

Haulani had always been more into adventures than politics, and the years spent on the exploration missions with the Cultivators not only hardened his resolve but also revealed his remarkable courage and prowess. Thanks to the Cultivators’ tireless work under Haulani’s command, Wellspring’s lush vegetation started spreading rapidly across the wastelands of New Earth, claiming more and more living space for the Path of Harmony.

In time, Zaida realized she underestimated Haulani, and they started getting closer to each other. Haulani’s days as a Cultivator are now behind him, and he’s leading the Path of Harmony in a perfect consensus with Matriarch Zaida.

Captain Wolfe

With his mother dying during childbirth and his father subconsciously blaming him for her death, young Trenton Wolfe spent most of his time alone on the Atlantean's Bridge. Growing up around the battle-hardened crew, he gained a deep admiration for the Path's values of discipline and valor. He viewed his father as a weak leader and aspired to become a man that perfectly embodied the Path of Dominance. When the time came, he took the Captain's Oath as a man known for his strong and serious character.

His serious character, though, hides a dark secret: during one of his raids, where nomads are captured in the Outback and brought back to the ship for indoctrination, he accidentally murdered one of his fellow raiders to set free a captured woman with whom he had become romantically involved.

After realizing that he could not stop thinking of this woman, Wolfe began participating in every one of the area’s raids, hoping to find her. When he finally did, he learned that the child in her arms was his daughter. Unable to accept the dangerous life she would have in the Outback, Wolfe brought his daughter to the only place where he could keep her safe, the Atlantean.

Treasure Hunter Samira

Without any clear memories of her childhood, all Samira knows is that she was taken from the mainland at a very young age and was indoctrinated as a Treasure Hunter. How an outsider like her had been chosen to be part of the highest-regarded classes in the Echelon remained unclear to her and her fellow trainees.

Knowing that they envied and despised her only drove her to work twice as hard. Soon, her exceptional agility, endurance, and skill became apparent to everyone, and, slowly, her fellow Treasure Hunters' envy turned into admiration.

It wasn’t long until she took over the leadership of the Treasure Hunters’ class, at an exceptionally young age. Since then, she has led countless successful missions to the remnants of the Old World and she reports directly to Captain Wolfe.

Librarian Cornella

Cornella became obsessed with acquiring knowledge at a very young age, spending all of her time studying, researching, and experimenting, just to live up to the image her parents had painted of her. Her isolation from others in her pursuit of knowledge caused her social skills to degrade, which never bothered her as she found relationships to be a waste of time.

When Cornella decided to become a member of the Patron’s Court, she knew she had to gain support from the right people. She expanded her knowledge in psychology, sociology, and human behavior so that she could approach people of importance in a scientific way, earning their trust through manipulation.

Each well-calculated step of hers eventually led to her securing a place in the Patron’s Court as Chief Executive Librarian, obtaining unlimited access to all of the knowledge in the Path’s possession. Today, she leads all of the major projects in research and development, and she is both feared and admired for her stone-cold ambition.

Patron Valerian

Valerian was born with an unknown disease that later manifested into physical disabilities. Although he was unable to live a normal life, his unusually high intellect resulted in him being ostracized by the other kids.

Growing up, he began to realize what a gift his genius was, and, fueled by his dedication to correct his physical disabilities, Valerian devoted all of his time and energy to studying one of the most advanced technologies of the Path of Progress: genetic engineering. Within a few years, he became one of the elite scientists, called the Shapers, with the access to tools to not only heal his disabled body to but reach a new level in genetic engineering and finally find a way to enhance the capabilities of the human body beyond aesthetic corrections.

Today, Valerian is the Principal of the Shapers' Institue, working with his team of the Path's best scientists to perfect his technology of genetic enhancements.

High Sunwalker Amena

Twin Sister and second-in-command to Caratacus, Amena serves as the High Sunwalker to the Path of Salvation. She leads the Sunwalkers, the Path's most loyal and devout followers, on conversion missions to the surface and diplomatic missions to the World Council, where she is well-recognized and respected for her refined diplomatic skills.

Despite all of the years she has spent on missionary work, she believes that conversion may not be the only way to unite humanity under the banner of the Path of Salvation. Of course, she is still faithful to the Path and also wise enough to keep her views to herself.

In addition to her diplomatic skills, she is one of the Path’s most gifted and enthusiastic engineers. Even though her right arm had to be replaced with a mechanical one following an accident, she is still developing new models of the Pilgrim Exosuit.

Shepherd Caratacus

Caratacus is the male descendant of the Drokhaton Dynasty and thus, by tradition, the current Shepherd of the Path of Salvation. Besides preserving the Path’s strong relation to God, he has a strong sense of responsibility for the well-being and prosperity of Purgatory and its citizens.

Caratacus has devoted his life to researching Neutronium and time travel. Through this, he secretly developed a forward-looping technique that can open the Time Rift to an infinite number of potential futures. Because of his strong sense of responsibility, Caratacus is constantly visiting these futures in order to prepare for anything that could pose a threat to his people.

Due to the deep connection that he shares with his twin sister, Amena, that causes them to feel each other's emotions and pain and the stress of his research into the future, Caratacus suffers from repeated bouts of weakness. In order to work through these periods, he redesigned his staff into a working tool capable of replacing the functions of a second arm.